Vieja Aurora

by Kazeria



On 2016, Kazeria and neofolk / darkfolk project Aphlar both edited "In Bolskan": a conceptual album about the ancient legacy of Huesca (named Bolskan in old iberic), placed in northern Aragón, Spain.

Now they launch "Vieja Aurora" ("Old Dawn"): two tracks of a forthcoming album dedicated to the old days of Andalucía, the region once called Baetica by the romans, at southern Spain.
Tartessian, iberian, phenician, roman, visigoths... all of them settled once on old Baetica. They all left their trails through symbols and heroical and tragic deeds.

The tracks were created by Aphlar, in an urgent way, while travelling thru Spain on last january. Sounds were influenced by atmosphere. Minimal gear got employed thru a primitive recording mode.
Back at Buenos Aires, the material was mixed down by Aphlar and Kazeria, adding voices, folk elements and electronics, but preserving a rustic aura, true to the original recordings.

Enjoy "Sigillum Templi" made by videoartist Udo Vaac:

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released May 26, 2019


all rights reserved



Kazeria Buenos Aires, Argentina

You are welcome to epic visions, marching anthems, ancient mysteries, occult symbols and the ethos of a colossal and forgotten world.


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Track Name: Vieja Aurora
Salve, Vieja Aurora.
Luz de los Caídos.

Que refulges en la sangre
que Iluminas el camino.
Que te esparces sobre ruinas
que conjuras el olvido.

Salve, Vieja Aurora.
Que atestiguas de los Dioses
sus luchas y sus goces.

Salve, Vieja Aurora.
Estandartes que han caído
en un mundo que se ha ido.
Y los muertos de la guerra
dejan signos en su tierra.

Salve, Vieja Aurora.

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